tungsten chainsaw chain in stock

New Tungsten Chainsaw Chain now in stock at Forbes Small Engines. Made for cutting edge endurance that will stay sharper up to 25 times longer than a standard steel chainsaw chain. With great customer feedback and repeat customers buying a second chain, we have stocked up for the coming Winter season.

The carbide tip is individually added to each chainsaw tooth on quality Oregon Chain. Whilst there are many inferior 'carbide dipped' chainsaw chains on the market, the quality from our Carbide Chainsaw Chains is incomparable.

The quality of the chain and less down time stopping to swap chains or sharpen is the major feedback we get from our customers. You can cut more for longer and no need for a sharpen. We also provide a care and maintenance guide for the Tungsten chain we sell.

It is important to note, the chain requires a specialized Diamond Grinding Wheel or Diamond Chainsaw file. You can return your Tungsten Chain to our workshop and we will re-sharpen it using a diamond wheel on our Chain Grinder. As the chain can be re-sharpened over again and has a long life span, when considering how much wood it cuts before requiring a sharpen, it is quite economical.

Important Points to Consider:

Carbide chain is not indestructible! Make sure you have the chain designed for your application. Chain designed for wood cutting will be damaged by impacting with rock, stone, concrete, or hardened metals. Our tough carbide can withstand more impact but can still be damaged by impact with metals, or other hard objects.

When breaking in a new chain, run it at a low speed for two minutes, pumping extra oil on the chain. Stop saw and check tension again. If it has loosened, tighten it to the correct tension. Check again after a few easy cuts and readjust if necessary. Keeping your chain properly tensioned, will extend its life and enhance its cutting performance.

If you would like a chain that lasts up to 25 times longer, please don't hesitate to call our team on 0268523228.



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